Our Founders

Christina Dumlao grew up in Miami. Her Colombian-Filipino-American cultural heritage has strongly influenced the deep passion for food and music she often incorporates in her event planning. Her extensive operations background ranges from project management to supervision with an impeccable talent for budget control. Christina’s career path has extended across many industries including telecommunications, marketing, banking, recruiting, and sales in a variety of management roles. She is currently responsible for the operations of the business. When not working, Christina can be found tending her garden or experimenting in the kitchen.

Leslie Weitinger was raised in Texas to have both Southern charm and backcountry grit. Her architectural background laid the foundation for her true passion—local economics and sustainability. She embraced a passion for combining the art of food, wine, and travel to influence the local economy in Sonoma County. In addition to architecture and project management, Leslie’s varied career path included corporate museum retail, real estate, catering, marketing, and sales. She was responsible for the marketing and business development of the company. She passed away in September 2017.

In addition to their work together organizing trade shows and corporate executive events for private telecom companies, the two collaborated in real estate, catering, and raising a son and a daughter. Petaluma has been called home since 2008.

Headquartered in Sonoma County, Dexter Howard Events was founded in January 2014. The company’s name honors both Leslie’s successful, entrepreneurial grandfather and the couple’s Jack Russell Terrier–although Dexter’s brother, Sparky, served as the face and spokes-dog for the Dexter Howard Events blog. He was simply better behaved and more handsome. The dogs also passed away in 2017.